7 Easy Steps to Leveraging Content with Presscast.io

This guide will provide step by step instructions for leveraging content with Presscast.io so that you can effortlessly scale your marketing campaigns.

There are 7 steps, and the whole process should take about 5 minutes

  1. Creating an Account
  2. Configure your Keywords with Interest Filters
  3. Check out your Offers
  4. Choose your Article
  5. Prepare your Content
  6. Submit your Content and Wait for a Response
  7. Submit Payment
Presscast – unrehearsed speedrun

1) Creating an Account

Step one is to create a Presscast account by signing up with your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Go to the Presscast.io landing page
  2. Click on “Start Here”
  3. You will land at the the LinkedIn portal and sign in using your LinkedIn account.
  4. This will take you to the profile page.

You don’t have to fill out every section, but the more detail you provide on your profile, the better we will be able to match you with desired publishers.

2) Enter your Keywords into the Search Bar

Once you have signed in, you will be greeted with the keywords search bar.

Add some keywords that reflect the kind of content you’re looking for. As with programmatic ads, choosing the right keywords is half art, half science.  Ultimately, however, you’re telling Presscast what kinds of articles you want to insert your message into, so think about the topics that engage your audience, and which keywords those articles contain.

The easiest way to start matching articles is to start with broad keywords. If you are interested in matching articles that mention “Computer games”, use the expression “Computer games” as a keyword.

Once you add these keywords, Presscast.io will start matching you up with relevant articles in the background.

3) Check out your Offers

Now that you have entered your keywords, you can check the “offers” tab to see which articles are available for you to embed your content.  Your offers are updated in real-time as publishers create content, so it may take a few minutes for results to appear.

4) Choose your Article

The offers page will show you all available articles that match your keywords, as well everything you need to start embedding content. This includes price, page views, audience demographics, publisher information and a preview of the article, so take your time and shop around!

Once you’ve found an article you like, click on the “contribute” button to add your content to it.  You’ll first see a further breakdown of the predicted traffic and audience demographics. This should give you a good sense of who’s reading the article, and whether or not they’re located in a geographical region relevant to you.

Below these summary statistics, you’ll see a full preview of the article. Use this to determine where you want your content to appear, then move onto the section 5.

5) Prepare your Content

Read the article while trying to keep in mind you can insert your contribution between any paragraphs. Once you know where you want your content to go, it’s time to start writing!  

From an article, click on the insert button for the Presscast editor to open.

Click on the insert button and the Presscast editor will open.  From there you can move the Presscast editor around and just start typing. Note that you can include hyperlinks that lead to the top of your sales funnel.

Once you are happy with you content, you can click submit and then wait for the publisher to review your submission.  This is generally pretty quick — a few minutes to a few hours. You will receive a notification every time a new article matches your filters.

Remember that the publisher has to approve your content, so keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure your content is relevant and to the article in question.
  • Make sure the tone and style of your content matches that of the article.
  • Avoid inflammatory language or excessive self-promotion. Your content should ideally provide insight and add value to the article.

6) Submit your Content and Wait for a Response

Publishers will respond in one of three ways:

  1. The publisher can accept and move on to the final step.
  2. The publisher can reject your content outright.  This almost never happens, unless you’re submitting inflammatory or off-topic content.
  3. The publisher can suggest edits and leave you with the choice of accepting or rejecting their changes.

7) Submit Payment

Once you have reached an agreement with the publisher, you will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions. If you want to go forward with the publication, you should click on the link and pay through our secure platform. Your content will appear in the publishers article, exactly as agreed, in a few hours.


This concludes the effortless, 7-step process for scalably producing content with Presscast.io.

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Welcome aboard!

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